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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal

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The rainbow fluorite crystal is a manifestation of the rainbow bridge and can be used on silio days to enhance meditation 

you will receive one tumbled rainbow fluorite crystal with your order . Please allow for natural variance in shape and shades. Crystal is approximately 1 inch in size 

We are the rainbow, each of us. When we speak of rebuilding the Rainbow Bridge, it is to bring again..into harmony the left and right hemispheres of the brain, to renew the flow of our intuitive mind and the mind that has learned through repeated action. The body knows what is good for it, the body knows how to inhale and exhale. It is our middle brain that oversees these functions. When we accept the innate wisdom of our middle brain, we integrate the wisdom of triune mind, right and left hemispheres, and limbic system functioning in together in harmony.
The middle brain is also known as the corpus callosum which contains a new telepathic sensory organ which we are now activating called the holomind perceiver. It also known as the seventh mental sphere. The seventh mental sphere, the Holomind Perceiver, is the master program or “computer” within our brain.Located in the corpus callosum, the Holomind Perceiver is the sixth sense made conscious

Telepathy and intuition, even though it is not consciously practiced and developed by the majority of humanity is still quite strong in humans. As our individual and collective consciousness is raised by cosmological influences during this Era of Great Change, our telepathic and intuitive powers will become greatly enhanced. Intuition and telepathic communication will become increasingly common. But potentially these awakening powers go far beyond heightened intuition and telepathic communication.
The all is actually one. All of us are connected by a super-conscious universal divine light; - a rainbow bridge that enters us all through our crown chakra.
It is this super conscious divine light which enables intuition and telepathy. It is this divine super-consciousness rainbow bridge which links us all to each other and to The Divine Source; - the source of the universal divine super-consciousness.

The Rainbow bridge is real, it connects us to other dimensions. It is made up of our chakra's light/energy.

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