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Crystals for Yellow Warrior Solar Seal

Crystals for Yellow Warrior Solar Seal

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Crystals for Yellow Warrior

AFFIRMATION: I am Cib: Warrior; I am your inner knowledge and wisdom. I take you to the other side with gracious strength.

POWER: The power of Warrior is obtaining intelligence by asking questions. Warrior is fearless and immovable. S/he does not settle for half answers. S/he knows how to continue getting answers. Warriors are willing to fight for keeping or extending the vision they obtained. Be like a warrior; step forward in difficult situations, and defend your own truth.


You will receive the following crystals: and a yellow pouch and affirmations for all yellow warrior galactic signatures

Golden Labradorite : symbolizes Warrior energy. Stone of confidence

Yellow Aventurine: awakens personal power

Black Obsidian: Spiritual protection

Yellow Fluorite: Courage and will power. Mental Clarity


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