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Crystals for Red Moon Solar Seal

Crystals for Red Moon Solar Seal

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AFFIRMATION: I am Muluk, Moon; I am your feeling and your consciousness. I help you remember God.

POWER: The power of Moon is our feeling. It is the world of emotions lying at our feet and waiting to be entered. Moon teaches us that emotions can change like the tides. Emotions are like water. Stagnant water gets polluted, just as suppressed emotions will pollute your body and soul. Let it flow. Feelings need to flow in order to remain healthy. Moon is all the water: the seas, the rivers, the water in your body, the water of the womb, your tears and your sweat. Find it to purify yourself.

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Crystals for Red Moon Galactic Signature




Red Pouch

Affirmations for all red moon galactic signature

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