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Crystals for Night Solar Seal

Crystals for Night Solar Seal

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AFFIRMATION: I am Akbal, Night; I am your place of mystery and unconsciousness. I give to you dreams and silence.

POWER: The dark Night brings intuition and dreams. In the realm of dreams, there is only abundance. When it is too dark to see, your other senses will bring you information that might surprise you. Night dares you to let go of your fear of shortage. Night represents the dark inner side of the temple of Self. Dare to go in and receive the gifts that are awaiting you. Don't be afraid. There is only abundance for those who have courage.

You will receive the following :

Black Obsidian-Helps you to tap into the void of the cosmos.Visualize black when working with Night/Dreamer energy

Amethyst: Stimulates the third eye. Connects you to the spiritual realms. Stimulates dreams and astral travel

Rainbow Moonstone: Helps you to channel the energy of abundance, intuition, hope .

Blue Pouch

Kin Affirmations for all blue night galactic signature

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