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Crystals for Blue Storm

Crystals for Blue Storm

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Crystals for storm Solar seal


AFFIRMATION: I am Cauac, Storm; I bring disturbance in order to purify. I activate your light body and help you transform.

GUIDANCE: Focus on awakening the internal Thunder! Catalyse transformation. Free up energy. Welcome the initiation of purification


You will receive the following:

Blue Calcite : Dissolves blockages and allows for purification. Helps with regeneration of the mind body and soul


Turquoise: Turquoise is a purification stone & promotes self-realization.Known as the stone of sky and water


Smoky Quartz: A strong, steady, and powerful stone, smoky quartz increases the powers of perception, confidence, and stamina. Helps you to weather the storm

Blue pouch and affirmations for all Storm galactic signatures

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