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Crystals and The Synchronic Order

Crystals and The Synchronic Order

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Valum Votan ( Jose Arguelles)-Crystals, when used properly, tune us into the earth’s frequencies. They also contain transductive properties that are able to transform energy from one state to another.

First class we lay the foundation. So it’s about crystals and how we can use them to live a more synchronic and aligned life and use it with the 13 moon calendar. We will go over how to use crystals with the 20 solar seals /galactic signatures

Week two is more personal and i will teach you how to use crystals within your personal galactic signature journey

Week three i will go over the daily radial plasmas and meditations and how to use crystals to enhance and deepen and align with the radial plasmas

And then week four , I will go over how to adopt a personal crystal for enhancing cosmic consciousness

 You will receive workbook via pdf each week and access to all recordings. Class starts April 30

you will receive an email with student information in 2 days after purchase. 

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